Rand Society of Model Engineers

Terms & Conditions for Children's Parties and School Events


We currently run two (2) sessions from Mondays through to Saturdays excluding Wednesdays. You may choose between a morning session from 10am to 12noon or an afternoon session from 2pm to 4pm. On Sundays however, we offer only one 2 hour session and you may choose either 11am to 1pm or 12noon to 2pm (excluding 1st and 3rd Sundays as these are open days to the public).

The train will run for the 2 hour session with a short break (+/-15 minutes) approximately mid-way through the session.

EXTENSIONS ( - of standard event running times)

Extensions must be arranged when the booking is made.
On Saturdays, morning sessions may be extended from 9am to 12noon only, and afternoon sessions from 2pm to 5pm only.
On Sundays, sessions can be scheduled to start at 11am and finish no later than 2pm.

If it is a request on the spur of the moment at the event, then it will be considered solely at the discretion of the society official on duty and driver, and provided that there is no event booked for a later time slot.
There will be an additional cost payable for the extended hour(s) or part thereof. (See additional charges under Tariffs below)


The premises will be accessible half an hour before the commencement time to enable preparations to be made.
A half hour is allowed after closing time for packing up and departure.


TARIFFS (2016)

1x 2hour session Diesel train -

NOTE: A maximum of 50 children allowed per event.

Additional charges apply under the following circumstances:

(Prices subject to change unless a valid quotation has already been issued and has not expired. Quotations are valid for 14 days from date of issue.)


To secure your booking, a minimum deposit of R1 000.00 or 50% of the total quoted amount (more than 25 children) is required. This deposit must be made within 14 days after the date of the quotation to secure the reservation. Should deposits not be made within the required time-frame then the reservation will be automatically cancelled. Bank deposit details will be provided on our official quotation document.

Accepted payment methods are: EFT or Direct Bank Deposit.

The full quoted fee must be settled by EFT to the same account as displayed on the original quotation no later the 10 working days prior the event. There will be no cash transactions handled on site for security reasons aside from the ad-hoc decision relevant to time extensions referred to above. Please bring a copy of your proof-of-payment if you have not received not received an acknowledgement via e-mail regarding the receipt of your payment(s) and provide this proof-of-payment to the Society Representative on site at your arrival.

A unique reference number is allocated to each individual party which must be used as the beneficiary text when making your EFT payment.

Any additional fees incurred for venue hire and train rides not included in the original quotation must be paid in cash at the conclusion of the event.


Deposits are non-refundable, however, should any of the following conditions/criteria occur, a refund will be executed via EFT:


The Important Safety Rules included on this website and must please be read and acknowledged as you as the host and your guests will be bound thereto to ensure a safe and enjoyable time at the venue.

Bookings must be requested by email to:

The Club/Party Manager
Use the Contact Request Form on the previous page.

Please include the following details:

For schools:

( * = mandatory)